Sunday, December 7, 2008

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Kayden Kross was too late. He decided to hold her to the hotel, or may stay with her for the rest of the night, he had not yet been decided. In their view, the evening started well ... no one is concerned, there was no pesky calls. The closer they approach to its number, the more he wanted to stay, at least, he decided to stay, that would definitively solve everything.
They went to the room. Kayden Kross included television, and she went to the shower. The greatest desire it was a wash after a long stressful day.

Going in the shower, she quickly skinula his clothes and including water. What pleasure is put under a jet of hot sweet water! Kayden Kross relaxed, closed his eyes and fully to the pleasure. Suddenly she felt no one. Look, she saw how he undress, was not with her eyes. Somewhere in the subconscious, she wanted this moment, but in reality told me that everything can in this life. Her heart start beating furiously, there is some nervousness in movements and at the same time, curiosity. He goes in the bath and stood next to it under the warm shower spray.

They stood face to each other. Kayden Kross's hands obvili his neck, parted lips reached to his lips in anticipation kiss. He embraced her waist and severely Pull over to imagine kiss in the Bay and his dick concerned lobka her why she whirl head, and escaped a quiet groan. The sense of reality left it finally seemed time stood still.

Kayden Kross went first, open in the towel, still prostrate, arose around the table in front of a mirror. After some time out and he said. He approached her from behind, embraced and began to kiss in the back of the head and neck, sometimes interrupting that would whisper to her ear sweet words (from which the roof of her final sneslo). His hand towel zadrala slowly and cautiously to enter between her legs. Oh, there already was Niagara Falls. He became fondle her clitoris and mink, gradually increasing the pace. Kayden Kross stood, closed his eyes, operevshis hands on the table, slightly tilted forward, issuing stony all stronger and stronger. Not noticing that the towel has long slept with her, and he myal her chest, she was already aware of the fact that he took it.

But he continues to torment Kayden Kross, seeing as it is increasingly tilted forward. Finally came the end of its expectations. He began to include in its fold gradually deeper and deeper, why she came to the indescribable ecstasy and began to move forward faster and faster. Orgazm come at a time, accompanied by loud moans and sob. Perhaps the whole floor woke up, well, that although councils are not allowed.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

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Monday, November 17, 2008

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Aliases: Jenna Nikol, Jenna Nickol, Kayden Cross, Kayden
Country: United States
State: California
Town: Sacramento
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birthday: 1985-09-15
Eye: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5' 5
Weight: 120lbs
Cup: D
Measurements: 32D-22-34

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